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Daniele Reggiani

Biographical note

On December 3, 1973…

… Daniele Reggiani was just born and already lived in Bergamo, in via Lochis. At the age of ten he began studying piano. In the following years he also learned the guitar and the saxophone, but above all he devoted himself to singing; that is until 1991, when he went to the United States for a year, where he was able to appreciate American soul music. Later he moved to England, where he came into more contact with the varied world of rock music.

The band

Back in Italy, in 1996 he founded the band Vidivielle (“Via da via Lochis”) in Bergamo with the guitarist John Passafiume. The group received good critical acclaim, in particular with two articles on “Metal Hammer”, one of the best-selling hard rock and heavy metal magazines in Europe

Vidivielle took part in the Castrocaro Festival in 1998 with the song I need somebody to love. After some other local competitions, in 1999 Daniele Reggiani signs a recording contract with the IT of Vincenzo Micocci, the well-known talent scout from Rome, and his band records a single entitled Love against the world, which is distributed nationally by Sony. It is with a song chosen by Micocci, Everyday – for which Pasquale Panella, the lyricist of Lucio Battisti's “white phase”, will then write a new text – that Reggiani takes part in the semi-finals of the selections of the Sanremo 2000 festival. He will land in the semifinals of Sanremo also in the following two years, with the songs Scirocco and Un bacio.

During this period Reggiani improved the use of the voice with the opera singer Ida Farina of the Conservatory of Bergamo.

Be Your Lover

From the first tours to the “descent into the field” with AlbinoLeffe

In 2003 he went on a tour in Spain and played in numerous clubs in the Canary Islands. Upon his return, in 2004, he graduated in economics and commerce and, at the same time, composed a collection of songs, Baci in overdose, which received a good reception from the public, as underlined by the critics in some articles on local newspapers such as “L’eco of Bergamo” and “Bergamo today”. The songs are not recorded, but are only sung live in various Bergamo clubs, including the Caffè della Funicolare, Caffè Hemingway and Caffè Letterario. In particular, the excellent result of the musical evening at the Caffè Letterario gives Daniele the opportunity to start his “E capita tour” of 2004-2005, a solo tour where he presents his own compositions guitar and voice.

In June 2005 he participated in the selections of the Giorgio Gaber festival with the song L’erba voglio, written with his friend Paolo Tacchini, who lives in Berlin. In July of the following year she participates again in the Castrocaro Festival with the song Abracadabra.

In 2007 he began a new tour presenting thirteen completely new songs all in English, with numerous evenings in Northern Italy, including those at Pulp in Milan and at Liberamente in Rho. At the same time, he participated in the second edition of the Sun'n'Sound festival directed by Biagio Antonacci in Piazza Santo Stefano in Milan, presenting himself with the piece Business, recorded in the studio with the collaboration of a bluesman Robi Zonca.

On the 31st of August of the same year, he participated in the national competition of light music Italian song in Bergamo, singing the piece Buonanotte fiorellino by Francesco De Gregori.

In the same period, he also writes AlbinoLeffe fai goal! a song dedicated to AlbinoLeffe, the Bergamo Serie B team that in those months inflamed the hopes of the fans: the piece became the anthem of the team. On the 21st of December Daniele sings it in the Bergamo stadium in front of thousands of spectators, and then sings it again on the 21st of May of the following year, on the occasion of the prize-giving event held in Curno for the unforgettable football season in which the Serian team of one hundred oratorios brushed against Serie A.

Albinoleffe fai gol!

Still in the race

On the 27th of February 2008 he participated in the Independent Music Day in Sanremo, organized by Francesco Baccini and Giuseppe Povia with the song Lo scemo del villaggio. He then writes La famiglia Bradford (“The Bradford family”), a song dedicated to the Italian Association of Numerous Families.

In 2009, at the theatre of the Philharmonic Dramatic Society of Macerata, he reached the semi-finals of Musicultura with the songs Dentro a juke-box, Lo scemo del villaggio and Signorina mademoiselle. Shortly after, on the 13th of June, he performed in the splendid setting of Piazza Trento in Ghedi, in the province of Brescia, on the occasion of the very finals of the Ghedi Festival. On the 24 th of October he is once again in the final in Botticino, where ten performers and five songwriters are the finalists of the fourth edition of the Botticino Music Festival, an edition particularly rich in local musical talents; guest of the evening is Fabio Concato, protagonist of a final mini-concert, whose presence is combined with the new-born competition for songwriters, in the renewed attention of the Botticino Festival to the musical quality and literary content of the songs in the competition.

On the 27th of October at Radio Ponte, the historic free radio station of Ponte San Pietro, Daniele who has always been a lover of all sports presents Squalo e sirena, the song dedicated to the multiple world swimming champion Federica Pellegrini: is the beginning of a tour of various radio stations in Northern Italy to promote the song. The song is also put on a playlist on the radio of the newspaper “L’arena di Verona”. In the same year he wrote a song dedicated to the motorcyclist Valentino Rossi, Vale46. The two songs also get several reviews in the national press. After the success of Squalo e sirena, Daniele records one of his most intimate songs, Il tempo non esiste (“Time does not exist”), inspired by Akhenaten, the Egyptian pharaoh with revolutionary religious ideas who lived in the 12th century BC.

Sofia Goggia

The first CD and new loves

In 2010 Meraviglia was released, Daniele Reggiani’s first CD, produced by Dandy Projects under the management of Simona Pelliccioli.

In February 2012 the song Squalo e sirena participates in the Sanremo Asocial, a counter-festival held at the same time as the Sanremo Festival, and “La Gazzetta dello Sport” publishes an article by Stefano Arcobelli on the song. Following songs are Ludmila è una mia amica (“Ludmila is a friend of mine“), dedicated to the Latvian actress and poetess Ludmila Bortkevic, and La ragazza che cammina sopra i pezzi di vetro (“The girl who walks above the pieces of glass”), written in collaboration with Maurizio Gubinelli.

Also in that year, Daniele composes Diana Artemide (“Diana Artemis”) for the Bergamo archery champion Gloria Villa. His muse Gloria has just hit the gold medal at the 3D archery world championships, and Daniele celebrates her victory.

In 2014, after a stay in Paris, he presents Bouganville, a song that he dedicates to the children, mothers and fathers of the parish of Santa Maria Immacolata delle Grazie in Bergamo. The song is also sung in some clubs in Milan and “Milano in Note” publishes an article on the event.

Another song from this period, dedicated again to the world of sport, is Foppa rock’n’roll, born from an inspiration of Daniele during the evenings in which Volley Bergamo, the women's volleyball team of Foppa Pedretti, ignites the Bergamo sports hall in the matches of the Italian Women’s Volleyball Championship. Hence, on the 23th of December 2014 Daniele is a guest of Volley Bergamo on the evening of the Foppa Christmas Party and sings the song live.


Today: between songs, social commitment, sports and writing

In 2015 he wrote Amiram, a song dedicated to a young leukemia patient in Kazakhstan. In the same year, in the wake of the celebration of sporting excellence, Generazione Atalanta was released, a song dedicated to the fans of the Bergamo team.

In 2016 Daniele composes Stanza con vista e Ascolto i Pink Floyd, and in 2017 Credo ai miracoli, I discovered Lama gangchen, Forever Trusting Musica, Vivere liquido.

In 2018 he writes the song Sofia Goggia, dedicated to the Olympic ski champion, and shoots a video for children disguised as Sylvester the Cat singing Gesù Bambino (“Baby Jesus”), a very catchy song that Daniele had written a few years earlier.

In July 2019 Kodachrome Love is released, the second album by Daniele Reggiani, with ten songs in English. At the same time Reggiani records the single Il Paese dei Balocchi, a corrosive satire of the Italian society, and also publishes a book-interview with the same title as the CD, in which he freely talks about himself, his way of making music and his spiritual research in universes of Tibetan Buddhism. The album and the book are presented in September at a concert in Bergamo which was supposed to be followed by an tour scheduled for the following year, but then canceled due to the Covid emergency.

During the forced break, in which almost all public appearances are canceled, Daniele produces some new songs – Il cinguettio delle allodole, Aquiloni, Il perspicace incespicare dell’amore, Amo te, L’anima, Kalispera, Grazie, Eureka – released in January 2021 in the album Briciole, a double CD, which collects many unreleased songs from his artistic life in addition to new songs.

Taste the songs

Taste the songs

Taste the songs

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