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Daniele Reggiani


2010, remastered 2021

If all our dispositions, our desires, our ways of thinking and doing are formed as children, if the child we carry with us is the basis of our authenticity, then the things we say and do must have simple features, suitable for children.

Wonder, which is usually attributed to children who are said to discover the world, is one of these traits. We need to find ourselves in that original experience in which the child builds a meaning starting from nothing, a present starting from an imaginary future.

At the cost of sounding crazy, to say something you always have to start and continue from there.

Taste it

Lo scemo del villaggio

Un bacio

Dentro a un juke-box



La musica

Track list

01   Lo scemo del villaggio

02   Abracadabra

03   Vale46

04   Biancaneve

05   Squalo e sirena

06   Mezzanotte

07   Ehi bambina

08   Un bacio

09   Non ci penso più

10   Dentro a un juke-box

11   Business

12   Scirocco

13   La musica

14   Kansas

15   La famiglia Bradford

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