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Daniele Reggiani

Kodachrome Love


The title of the album echoes that of Paul Simon's famous piece, Kodachrome, which appeared in 1973. Simon's lyrics were not great: an apology for Nikon and Kodachrome, practically an advertisement. But the reference to light, sun, colour was beautiful, as opposed to the black and white of normal life, of normal loves.

Kodachrome Love is an apology for love, for love that is filled with colour, without reference to normality. In short, love as it is for each one of us

The songs are in English not because of commercial custom, for which the master's language is a must, but because another love, must be told in another language. Certainly, Etruscan would have worked better, but unfortunately, we don't know how to sing in Etruscan: at school they only teach us the languages of the masters…

Taste it

Catcher in the rye

Gimme a sign, if it’s ok

My Aeroplane

My intolerable love

Walking beside

Track list

01   Catcher in the rye

02   Gimme a sign, if it’s ok

03   In a golden fog

04   But I’m dreaming of you

05   My Aeroplane

06   My intolerable love

07   The wild side of the be-bop-a-lula world

08   Unexpected love

09   Dream, my sweet baby!

10   Walking beside

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