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Daniele Reggiani


Do not close the blinds
when it's raining outside
and the rain hits the glass
and spreads its vibrations
in your room.

Hear the sound of the rain
beating in your ears.
Listen to the din
that comes from the street,
listen to the impetuous roar
of thunder in the sky
and the soft whisper
of a butterfly
that sits
on your flower.

Listen to the sound
of your thoughts,

of your words.
Listen to the dreams
that sit next to you.

And in the midst of everything else
listen to also to the silence
that vibrates in your heart:
it's not loneliness,
it is not death that assails you,
but it is the place from which
each colour comes.

Now, sorry, I have to go:
that's what I always say,
I tell everyone.
I have to go…
But don't wait,
I have a lot of songs
to tell.

Here is Briciole, which has just arrived and already has a lot of things to say

from January 2021

Taste the songs

Kodachrome Love, which speaks a foreign language

came out in 2019

Last but not least, a Meraviglia of love songs

which is now 11 years old

Kodachrome Love is also the title of a book by Reggiani

from July 2019

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